Hands & Body

Alcohol Rub-in Hand Disinfectant
Skin Friendly Hygienic Wash Lotion
Antimicrobial Body & Hand Wash Lotion.


Ideal Skin Antiseptic
Skin antiseptic with spray
Ramadine® Topical Solution 5%,
Ramadine® Scrub 7.5% &
Ramadine® Surgical Paint 10%
Antiseptic for mucous membranes, wounds and skin


Aldehyde free surface disinfectant-cleaner (Conc.)
Conc. Surface & Environmental Disinfectant.
Aldehyde Free, grease dissolving surface disinfectant conc.
Aldehyde Free, general purpose surface disinfectant with pleasant leave-behind-fragrance.

Intruments & Equipments

Korsolex® - Aldehyde - free instrument disinfectant (Conc.) with powerful cleaning effect.
Korsolex® Plus- Conc. Instrument / Scope Disinfectant.
Advanced liquid cleaner for instruments, endoscopes to ensure successful disinfection.
Ready - To - Use, Surface & Equipment Disinfectant.
Glutihyde® 2% & 2.45%- Both are Glutaraldehyde 2% w/v, and 2.45% Glutaraldehyde with liquid activator. Available in 5 Ltrs Jar.


The Linen Disinfectant Concentrate

General Purpose

Powerful Germicide, can be used in different dilutions for general purpose disinfection.
Gentle & safe germicide to be used for general purpose cleaning & disinfection.

Anaesthesia Range

The inhalational anaesthetic for high risk patients
Still Serving Anaesthesiologists Globally for over 40 Years
Advance inhalational anaesthetic agent

Surgical Procedures

Absorable Gelatin Sponge
Disposable Skin Stapler and Remover
Disposable Laparoscopy Access System

Hospital Single use Disposal

Emergency and intensive care units : with products such as central venous catheter, needleless IV access ports, endotracheal tubes, CPAP...
Anaesthesia : neurostimulation, epidural and spinal access...
Support for post-operative pain relief :PCA...
Vascular access: short term catheters, central venous catheters and accessories..
Surgery : Complete line of products for drainage, surgical drapes and procedure sets to meet users needs
Home care, now being the next major area of development.

Testimonial & Clients


  • Indo Danish provides the best service to its customers. It is always a pleasure to deal with them and the other Mercedes Medical personnel.

    Akhilesh Chauhan

  • It is a company that provides quality products at a very good price. They stand out from the rest by paying attention to their customers by the little things they do for them. Sometimes those "little things" make a big difference especially in today's world.

    Umar Hamzah

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