• Surface and environmental (Conc.)

    Bacillocid ® Extra is a modern (tested according to new standards) cleaning and surface disinfectant designed to clean and disinfect surfaces and environments. Bacillocid ® Extra has a very good cleansing property and a wide range of germicidal action, ensuring total disinfection of rooms and surfaces. It has a Broad spectrum, Bactericidal, Fungicidal (Aspergillus Niger), Yeasticidal, Sporicidal and Tuberculocidal activity. It has better economy : 500ml. conc.= 200 litres prepared solution (0.25% dilution).

  • Aldehyde-free surface disinfectant-cleaner (Conc.)

    Mikrobac forte can be used for the daily disinfection and maintenance cleaning of all Critical and Non-Critical Hospital Areas and food-handling areas. Ideal and Safe product for Operation Theatres, ICU, ICCU. It is suitable for all water-resistant, wipeable objects such as furniture and fittings, medical equipment and the surfaces of walls and floors. Its broad range of activity and neutral odour makes it ideal for use in odour-sensitive or patient-related areas. Other areas of use include kitchens and food-processing areas, since these require non-aldehyde preparations used in 2% and 0.5% dilution.

  • Conc. Surface & Environmental Disinfectant ( O.T Sterilizing Solution )

    Recommended at 0.5 to 2% specially for disinfection / of Operation Theatres, Critical Care Areas, I.C.C.U, I.C.U, Special Wards. Bacillocid Special is a bactericidal, sporicidal, fungicidal, viricidal including HBV & HIV viruses. Contains corrosion inhibitors, therefore safe for all surfaces. Effective in 15 to 30 minutes.

  • Aldehyde Free Surface Disinfectant conc.

    Recommended for food processing units, kitchens, canteens, carrier vehicles etc. Effective against food poisoning bacteria, as well as fungi and yeast. To be used for cleansing, disinfection and removal of grease. Used at 0.5% to 2.5%. Non toxic, odourless and colourless.

  • Ready – To – Use, Surface & Equipment Disinfectant

    Recommended for Rapid disinfection of electronic equipment in OTs, AKD units, ICU, NICU, Recovery room, Medical laboratories, etc. Excellent in critical areas like OTs, HIV endangered spheres surgeries. Pharmaceutical sterile sections. Effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses including HIV & Rota. Provided with spraying device per bottle. Just spray and wipe in 25 seconds to 5 mins contact time.

  • Aldehyde-free, general purpose surface disinfectant with pleasant leave- behind-fragrance.

    Use 0.1% dilution with water, for consulting rooms, dressing rooms, wards, toilets, corridors, laboratories, kitchen, laundry rooms, pharmaceutical industry etc. It is safe for all surfaces of the health spheres, and contains ‘in – built’ cleansors, for thorough cleaning. It is economical and suitable for all types of surfaces and has a pleasant “leave-behind fragrance”. Freshly diluted solution gives optimum results.

  • Aldehyde-free environmental disinfectant

    Baccishield is an aldehyde free environmental disinfectant with a broad spectrum Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Sporicidal and Tuberculocidal activity. It is non toxic and non irritant. It has good material compatibility.

  • Aldehyde-free environmental disinfectant

    Instant disinfection in 25 seconds. The compact, self-contained closed bucked gives hygienic wet wiping system that’s safe, simple and reliable.
    WETTASK® with Bacillol® 25 Surface Wipes is a hygienic disinfecting system. These wipes are special researched wipes, pre-saturated with the surface disinfectant Bacillol® 25 which is time tested, aldehyde free, quick acting, effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses incl. HIV, Rota, Herpes, etc. and dries without visible residue.


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